About Us

Ohana Kindy provides quality education and care for children from the age of 0 to 5 years old.

We believe in building positive and trusting relationships with children, parents, whaanau, teachers and the wider community. We respect the different beliefs and values of children and parents from different cultures and nationalities. We incorporate the Treaty of Waitangi within our daily practice. We provide the children with equitable opportunities to learn in a fun, loving and happy environment with plenty of resources to help them to become competent and confident lifelong learners.

We Provide

  • Qualified and experienced teachers, excellent adult: child ratios, and a very spacious fully resourced centre.
  • Ohana Kindy ensure that all children attending the centre receive the best quality in education and care.
  • Children are given endless opportunities to experience a rich learning environment.
  • Children are encouraged to play alongside each other, to help them to build their social-skills and self-confidence.

Communication with Parents

Ohana Kindy aims to make communication with parents as open, regular and informative as possible. We recognise that while parents are interested in all aspects of the centre, they are often restricted by time. We have therefore instigated a variety of communication channels.

  1. Regular newsletters are written. These are made available to parents in hard copy.
  2. Parents Bulletin Board is located near the main entranceways to communicate necessary information to parents, and are updated daily.
  3. Teachers at OHANA KINDY meet with parents regularly to discuss their child’s development and any issues of importance.
  4. Programme information sheets are displayed prominently in the centre.
  5. Nappy changes, toileting and sleep times are recorded and available as requested.
  6. Profile books are displayed prominently and updated regularly to show learning and development following the children’s interests.
  7. Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers and management freely and we value their contributions.
  8. Teachers are bound by confidentiality and are not permitted to release any information concerning another child’s health or behaviour.